Payments Insight Workshops

Glenbrook conducts public & private workshops on a broad range of specialty topics in the industry.

Our Payments Insight workshops are small-group events with ample time for interaction with the instructors and with other participants. They are designed as "deep dives" into a topic.

Our workshops are attended by both industry newcomers and veterans. The basics in the topic will be given as an overview at the beginning of the course - but expect approximately 2/3 of the day to be advanced material.

Workshops are taught by professionals at Glenbrook – seasoned industry veterans with deep expertise in payments systems acquired during years of work at banks, card networks, payments processors, and technology firms.  

All of our Payments Insight workshops are available as private workshops at your site.  Many of the workshops are also scheduled publicly, as shown on the list at right.

Attendance is limited at our Insight workshops - no more than 30; often 15 or so. That ensures that attendees get plenty of opportunities to ask questions and work through ideas and issues. Plus, the Glenbrook team always learns as well!
— Carol Coye Benson

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Blockchain 2.0

In near real-time, the world is watching the evolution of blockchain technology. Born of Bitcoin, Blockchain 1.0 established the viability of the public ledger concept and introduced the reality of a new digital currency. Today, Blockchain 2.0 is underway with the rapid exploration of cryptographic ledgers by financial services players. But what are the use cases? And how is blockchain technology likely to find its way out of the lab and into the real world? Attend our workshop to probe the potential of blockchain technology.

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Business-to-Business Payments

The B2B domain is enormous, with mind-boggling dollar volumes. Yet this critical area of payments is perhaps the least well-served domain in the industry. What does that translate into? Big opportunities for payments providers! Join us as we explore why paper payments (or inefficient electronic payments) are so dominant in this space and who is on the right track to capitalize on these opportunities.

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Digital Payments

As new forms of digital payments begin to take hold, the old assumptions no longer work. What does it mean to issue a card when there is no card? How can transactions be risk managed when payments credentials are masked and scrambled by design? And what is the impact on secondary applications designed to depend on the presence of card data? Join us to delve into these topics and more.

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Faster Payments

Faster payments are happening all around the world, and will soon be in the U.S. What are we talking about? The ability of a person or a business to send money immediately – in real time – to another person or business, using either a bank account or, in some cases, a non-bank payment account. Join us as we look at the mechanics of different models and examine how faster payments could impact banks, non-bank payments services providers, and their customers.

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Global Payments

Companies are increasingly competing in a global market - selling to customers in one market and paying suppliers in others. But the underlying payment systems are inherently domestic in nature. Join us to explore how domestic payments work around the world, how cross-border payment systems work, and how to best understand - and support - the payments needs of companies' customers, suppliers, employees, and partners.

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Innovation in Payments

Having our “roots” in Silicon Valley offers Glenbrook a unique vantage point from which we can interact face-to-face with FinTech entrepreneurs and with the venture investors who finance them. In this workshop we share the key lessons we take from the successes and failures we’ve seen in the payments industry — and look into our crystal ball to see how new developments in payments and commerce may impact the current and future competitive landscape. Join us at our next workshop.

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The Merchant Perspective

Do you need to understand how merchants think about payments? This workshop is designed to help you get “inside the head” of merchants to understand how they make investment decisions and why? How do they evaluate vendors? What’s hot right now and how does that vary by segment? In this workshop, we share lessons and insights from our extensive and ongoing work with merchants over the last fifteen years. Come spend a day thinking like a merchant.

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The New Point of Sale

The point of sale in the United States is in the early stages of a multi-year period of dramatic change. We are simultaneously witnessing a major shift in baseline technology – the move from mag stripe devices to chip (EMV) and NFC-capable equipment, and a shift in technology and business models which are moving many merchants, including major ones, away from terminals entirely. Join us for an insightful day exploring the transformations at the point of sale.

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Payments Data

Predictive analytics. Big data cloud analytics. Neural networks. The buzz words are everywhere. But what about payments data –– where does it come from and how is it used? This workshop is designed to help you understand payments data sources, current data-driven applications, and the next-wave of AI-based applications. We’ll explore how payments data is monetized and provide thought-provoking examples of value-added applications. We hope you can join us.

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