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George Peabody


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George brings 14 years in payments technology and 30 years in IT and entrepreneurial management to help clients with payments strategy and market development. He applies his consulting expertise across a range of business and technology issues with particular emphasis on competitive positioning and innovation.

At Glenbrook, George focuses his client work on mobile and POS payments acceptance trends, online and offline data security, and digital identity. He also leads Glenbrook's digital currencies practice and instructs on virtual currency mechanics and business trends.

Before joining Glenbrook, George directed Mercator Advisory Group's emerging technologies advisory service. 

As Vice President of Aberdeen Group's telecommunications research, he led a team of 20 providing research and consulting services to large internet infrastructure firms in the networking, mobile and wireless, and data center sectors including Cisco, Ciena, Lucent, and others.

His entrepreneurial experience includes co-founder roles at payment identity firm Payment Pathways, internet service provider RapidNet, and business aviation online training firm DigiFlite.

George is the editor of Payments Views, Glenbrook's blog and the producer of Glenbrook's podcast series, Payments on Fire.

George is also a Certified Smart Card Industry Professional / Payments (CSCIP/P).

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Articles by George 

One of the immediate applications for Bitcoin and the math-based currencies that are emerging in its wake is its potential as a new set of payment rails. Rather than the incumbent industry’s reliance on the four party model and its hierarchy of providers, authorization messages, and settlement steps that are necessary to connect the payer and the payee, Bitcoin and other math-based currencies promise a simpler cash-like push payment.
— Bitcoin, the Two-and-a-Half Party Model, and New Payment Rails. Payments Views June 2013