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Suggested Topics

Who We're Watching in Mobile Payments

Learn about the latest trends in mobile payments and how they will affect your institution. How will mobile devices be used for purchases at POS? For online eCommerce? And, how might person-to-person payments actually emerge as a dominant use case? Our unique insights into mobile payments will provide provocative discussions among your group or meeting attendees!


Innovation in Payments

What is “innovation” and where do innovative ideas come from? Who is going to make payment innovations happen? How do we monetize them?

There’s an intriguing story to tell when it comes to innovation in payments. What are the differences between inventions and innovations? What can we learn from successful innovations in payments - and what are the lessons to be learned from the failures? How can successful innovation occur in large companies - it's very hard to do! We've studied payments innovation carefully - and will share our perspective on the factors that drive success and those that often lead to market failure.

Building a Global Payments Strategy

How can you drive more online sales with an optimized approach to global payments acceptance? When it comes to global payments, one size doesn't fit all. We provide a framework for developing a global payments strategy that is optimized for market coverage - and discuss the unique payment-related characteristics and needs of different market segments, how to align different payment options with your customers’ geographics, demographics and psychographics, as well as how to evaluate whether you should be spending your scarce time and resources on the “next big thing” in alternative payments.

The Evolution of Alternative Payments

An update on the fascinating world of alternative payments - how are new technologies and innovative financial institutions (as well as non-bank payment providers) changing the way consumers and businesses interact online, at the point of sale, and on-the-go via mobile phones?

Also, examines how the alternative payment world has evolved, citing both new entrants and veteran solutions. As a prelude, we "set the stage" for alternative payments by discussing the context in which merchants evaluate payment options, balancing the opportunity for additional top line revenue while managing the operational and risk exposure of choosing, implementing and supporting new payment types.


Driving Process Improvement: Project Management for Finance Professionals

Finance executives are increasingly asked to lead process improvement initiatives that reach far beyond the treasury and accounting functions. These projects often involve the implementation of technology; yet research indicates that a majority of technology projects fail to meet objectives. How can you ensure that your key initiatives are successful? We will discuss common pitfalls in process improvement and how you can avoid them.

Global E-Commerce - Payments Localization

There are many options for payments in the U.S. and innumerable options internationally. How should you look at the alternatives and assess the right payments to accept? Our frameworks will support your clients in considering the appropriate payments for their business.

Merchant Acquiring for the Next Decade - Scenario Thinking

Over the last ten years, important forces have shaped the evolution of the merchant acquiring business in the U.S .market. We're now on the cusp of similar changes in other regions and countries. How will merchant acquiring evolve globally over the next decade? Who wins and how?