Industry Scan Programs

Why would you come to Glenbrook? Working for a large payments player, you’re responsible for identifying important industry trends and new initiatives by your company’s competitors.  You follow many industry news sources but distilling the most important items to surface to your executives is challenging.  This is what we do best.  We work with your team to ensure your competitive radar is finely tuned, well focused, and effective.

The Payments Landscape

"Glenbrook's scans help you quickly focus on what's meaningful and what is just 'noise'."
-- Erin McCune

Do you find it challenging to make sense of the multiple new products, companies, trends, regulatory changes, and technologies in the payments industry?  Don't worry - you aren't alone! Glenbrook Partners monitors the competitive landscape of the payments industry across its stakeholders, understanding the issues and assessing the ramifications for our clients.

Glenbrook helps our clients understand not only who is doing what - and why - but also what matters and what the consequences might be.  Clients can choose to focus on product areas, regional geographic coverage, industry trends or themes and technologies they are most interested in, or opt for broad payments industry coverage.

Glenbrook Market

For those companies looking to keep up on the innumerable announcements in payments, the Glenbrook Market Report provides a focus on the most relevant news of the quarter.  The Market Report is a curated intelligence report which focuses on key announcements from payments players, emerging themes, regulatory developments and issues of geographic or global significance.

Glenbrook Competitive Assessment

For clients seeking to understand the relevance of what is happening in the industry, Glenbrook Partners delivers a Competitive Assessment.   It is designed to help clients understand the competitive playing field and the potential impacts and ramifications for their businesses. The Competitive Assessment encompasses all aspects of the Market Report with a level of tailored insight.  It is augmented with Glenbrook’s unique perspectives on what the news and trends mean for the client’s competitive market environment.


Customized Consulting Engagement

Glenbrook can combine proprietary research and a client engagement to explore opportunities revealed by the research. 

Glenbrook's Erin McCune is the program manager.

Meet Erin