Private Workshops

"A private workshop is a fast way to get the members of your team on the same page. Glenbrook can combine a workshop with a strategy brainstorming session to explore ideas raised during the workshop."   -- Carol Coye Benson

Schedule a private Glenbrook workshop at your location, with customized content designed to meet your company's specific requirements.

Workshops are available in two-day, one-day, and one-and-a-half day formats. Get your team "on the same page" on payments!

Interested in scheduling a private payments workshop?
Glenbrook's Russ Jones is the program manager.

Meet Russ

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The feedback from the team on the workshop was very positive ... a ton of learning and insights gained. Most of the team had never worked on payments before coming to our company, so in addition to all we learned, there was a sense of relief ... namely, the realization that the world of payments is complex .... and that some of the problems that we encounter aren't unique to us!"  Elinor Mertz, Financial Planning, Airbnb

Cost & Logistics

  • Glenbrook private workshops are priced on a fixed, per-workshop basis. All workshops are taught by two Glenbrook team members.
  • You provide the venue.
  • You may have as many people as you like in the workshop. If you want to encourage interaction during the session, we recommend keeping the group under 40. 

Workshops Available

Glenbrook can design a custom workshop around topics suggested here, or you can design your own agenda to cover the topics your team is most interested in.

Glenbrook customizes every agenda for a private workshop - varying content, depth, breadth, and assumed level of knowledge for the group.

The starting point for your workshop can be our Payments Boot Camp, one of our Payments Insight Workshops, or a topic of your own choosing.  Any agenda item on the Payments Boot Camp, for example, can be turned into a private workshop.

Click on the individual topics below for more detailed descriptions.