Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp

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 "Over 90% of attendees say the Payments Boot Camp is "great" - and say that it will increase their effectiveness on the job." -- Carol Coye Benson

Glenbrook's popular Payments Boot Camp is a two day “deep dive” into the payments industry, covering both the basics of the industry and the emerging payments landscape. Over 14,000 payments professionals have attended one of our workshops - join them! 

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The Classroom Experience


Glenbrook Payments Boot Camps and workshops are small-group sessions. We normally limit sessions to 45 people, and workshops are frequently smaller. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions during sessions, and there is ample opportunity at breaks, lunches, and, (for some Payments Boot Camps) at evening receptions to network with instructors and other attendees.

Dress is business casual, and laptops and other devices may be used during sessions.

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Why would you come to Glenbrook? You're new to the payments world - perhaps working as a payments professional for a merchant. Or having transitioned into a role in payments for a bank. You're looking for an opportunity to ramp your knowledge quickly and gain a perspective on how we got here - and what's ahead. This is what we do best. Join us for one of our Payments Boot Camps - you'll learn quickly!

The Agenda

Glenbrook's agenda is structured to ensure that you understand how the industry works as a whole.  We emphasize the economics - so that you understand how money is made in the industry, and by whom. 

Day 1 

1. Payments Systems Overview

  • Industry definitions, payments domains
  • Key concepts – open/closed, push/pull, chain of liability
  • How payments systems differ
  • Payments systems economics

 2. Perspectives on Users and Providers

  • User perspectives – Consumers, Merchants
  • Provider perspectives – Banks, Networks, Processors
  • Other constituents – Regulators

3. Core Systems: Card Payments

  • Core concepts, value chains, flows, technology
  • Major card networks and industry evolution
  • Data breaches, security, and fraud
  • Economics and interchange
  • Fundamentals of card issuing
  • Fundamentals of card acceptance

4. Core Systems: ACH, Checks, Wires, and Cash

  • Value chains, products, economics, major players, and trends

5. Networking Reception



Day 2

6. Global Payments

  • Local country payments systems – models, common elements, variables
  • Cross-border payments – international wires; cross-border card processing

7. Payments Innovation

  • Payments innovation meta themes
  • Glenbrook’s payments innovation framework
  • Innovation building blocks
  • Innovators’ Spotlight – PayPal

8. Digital Payments

  • Key technologies, tokenization, wallet models  
  • Innovators’ Spotlight – Apple
  • Mobile POS, mobile commerce and merchant apps
  • In-app payments and remote checkout

 9. New Point of Sale

  • Mobile POS and Tablet Acceptance
  • Innovators’ Spotlight ­– Square

10. Faster Payments

  • Real-time Payments – Key concepts, definitions
  • Innovators’ Spotlight – Faster Payments (UK)

11. Bitcoin and Blockchain

  • Key concepts, use cases, ecosystem, challenges

Who Teaches?

Glenbrook payments industry education courses are taught by Glenbrook's Partners - seasoned industry veterans with broad exposure to many facets of the payments industry.

Meet the Glenbrook Team


Who Attends?

Is the Payments Boot Camp right for you?
The Payments Boot Camp is useful both for experienced managers, who often want to be updated on what's happening in areas outside of their immediate domain, and for newcomers, who need a broad overview of the U.S. payments systems to create a context for their work. 

Network with your peers!
Payments Boot Camp attendees enjoy opportunities to connect with other people in the industry, as well as with the Glenbrook team.  Most two day events have a networking reception at the end of the first day, and there are always chances to network during lunches and breaks.  

Over 14,000 payments professionals have attended Glenbrook events. Attendees have included:

  • Product, strategy, and sales managers
  • Technology, operations, and risk managers
  • Investors, inventors, and analysts
  • Management teams from payments start-ups

Attending Companies


Past attendees have good words to share about Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp and Workshops.


"Great way to get up to speed on the payments landscape." - Shahadat Hasan, eBay/Magento

“It not only provides rich subject content but is also an excellent opportunity to understand the perspectives of your peers in payments.” – Raksha Bhola,  Payments Strategist, Comerica Bank

“The payments bootcamp gave me a firm understanding of payment systems, as well as insight into where these systems are going in the future." - Scott Isard,  Director of Business Development,  Aurionpro

“The Payments Boot Camp provides a significant insight on the market trends and upcoming payment options giving a good take - away, apart from teasing the thinking cells!” – Anusha, Bala, Customer Strategy Specialist, Product, Western Union Digital

“As a new participant in payments, the way the material was pulled together and presented was well-paced and helped me add context to the situations I'm encountering in my new role.” – Loring Harrop, U.S. Bank

“Very informative about the overall payment landscape.” – Anurag Gupta, Director and Chief Architect, Paypal,

“A fantastic deep-dive into payments for beginners and veterans. The instructors are amazing, with a tremendous amount of experience and recognition under their belts.” – Yaasha Sabba, Product Analyst, Visa USA Inc.

“The Payments Boot Camp is definitely worth it for those new to the payments industry.” – Gerardo Del Toro, B2B Rewards Manager, BP

“Your best guide to all things payments, in two days.” – Ajay Tripathi, Engineering Team Leader, Intuit

“After 14 years in IT with credit card companies, thanks to Glenbrook, I finally understand the payments business!” – Joseph, McFadden, Senior Director, Global Enterprise Growth,  American Express

“The Payments Boot Camp is a great primer for anyone interested in knowing more about the payments industry.  The instructors were great!  Knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.  I’d recommend this boot camp to my friends and co-workers.” --Vinay Mothan, Visa Inc.

“A must for all payments professionals, highly recommended.” --Shankar Pandravada, PayPal

“A most significant and well-formed course for beginners and payments professionals.  The Glenbrook team efficiently explains complex subjects with simple phrases and practical examples.  Thanks!” --Evgenii Terentev, CompassPlus

“The complexity of different types of payments is made very simple by the great instructors.  Great networking opportunity.  The public workshops enabled us to meet people coming from different industries.” --Krishna Komanduri, Visa Inc.

“This boot camp is brilliant!  It is a ‘must-attend- and a ‘must-refresh’ for anyone in payments industry – regardless of role, level, or curiosity.” --Pushkar Sinroja, Opus Software

“Excellent introduction for a software guy – thank you!” --Eric Martin, Piggyback Media, Inc.

“Glenbrook does an unbelievably good job at making sense of the vast, complex and fast moving payment landscape.” --Suzan Suer, Collabigence Consulting

 “As a newcomer to the Payments Industry, I found the Glenbrook Payments Boot camp to be an absolutely worthwhile investment.  The material includes an effective mix of industry fundamentals, case studies and emerging trends.  Carol and Scott are obvious experts in the field, and their ‘insider’ takes on the industry’s history, major players and changing dynamics added a compelling dimension to their instruction.  I look forward to applying and building upon the foundational knowledge I’ve developed through the course.” --Emily Vince, Intuit

“A must for anyone in payments – just the right amount of detail.” --Mukund Muralidharan, Opus Software

“Good content from experts supplemented by knowledgeable attendees made it worthwhile.” --Uday Oak, Visa Inc.


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