Welcome to Glenbrook

“Glenbrook wants to help our clients find success in the payments industry - whether as solutions providers, users, or investors.”
-- Carol Coye Benson

Founded in 2001, Glenbrook is a payments industry strategy consulting and research firm.  We bring to our clients a unique combination of our specialized skills in payments, many years of hands-on experience in the field, and our network of professional relationships.

Glenbrook serves payments professionals in many different kinds of companies, including payments services providers, card networks, technology and risk management companies, banks, merchants, and treasury managers.  We enjoy meeting with and working with start-ups in the industry as well as managers from leading companies that are looking to innovate.

Glenbrook's team is composed of executives with broad exposure to many facets of the payments industry, including business management, marketing, technology, operations, and risk management. 

Glenbrook offers our clients strategy consulting, research, and industry education programs. Glenbrook also facilitates industry collaborations and provides landscape overviews of emerging payments.

"Glenbrook knows global payments! Our team members have worked extensively on global projects, ranging from remittances to cross-border eCommerce to mobile wallets for the underbanked."
-- Allen Weinberg