Why would you come to Glenbrook?

You work for a major multichannel merchant with both ecommerce and physical retail stores. It's time to take another look at your acquirer relationship - time to answer the question whether you're getting the best possible deal now that your payment volume has grown significantly over the last two years - but you don't have the time or staff to run another RFP process. That's what we do best. Helping you revisit your acquirer relationship. Give us a call - we can help you expedite this process while letting you focus on what's most important - the result.

With years of experience working directly with merchants, in both the physical world and remote purchasing, Glenbrook's team gives merchants unbiased, practical assistance. 

A Glenbrook Payments Assessment can provide you with a comprehensive view of your current practices, benchmarked to industry common and best practices, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement. 


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Types of Clients

  • eCommerce merchants
  • Big box retailers
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Airlines
  • Franchise managers
  • Digital content merchants
  • Billers

Types of Engagements

  • Payments assessment
  • Implementing new POS capabilities (EMV, mobile, etc.)
  • Global eCommerce Acceptance
  • Evaluation of new payments options
  • Finding/evaluating/implementing new vendors
  • Understanding total cost of payments
  • New national market expansion
  • Recurring payments strategies
  • Micropayments