Glenbrook works with venture capitalists, private equity funds, and analysts who are interested in payments companies.  Our years of experience in working with new companies in the industry, as well as incumbents with new products, have given us a deep appreciation for the barriers to entry (and exit) in payments businesses; the relationship between payment network rules, regulation, and system-wide economics; and the factors that govern the pace of change in the industry.

The scope of what we can offer is generally determined by the time available and your objectives.  We are able to combine efforts on both market and technology assessments as your needs dictate.  


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Types of Engagements

Glenbrook provides two types of general due diligence support: 

Market Assessment

In performing a market assessment, Glenbrook will validate the assumptions in the businesses case affecting the valuation.  We review and provide out perspective on the following:

  • Customer base and market focus
  • Value proposition
  • Growth projections
  • Competitive assumptions

We can also look at reputation in the market – either from our own perspective or through interviews depending on available time. 

Technology Due Diligence

Technology due

diligence projects assess what is “under the hood” of the payments systems.  We cover topics including:

  • Technology platform, performance and redundancy
  • Security infrastructure, PCI and intrusion prevention
  • Risk and compliance policies and procedures
  • Staff business acumen, development cycle and quality of plans

These projects tend to require site visits and interviews with key personnel.