Our Clients


Payments Service Providers

Glenbrook consults to many different companies that are offering payments solutions to consumers, merchants or both.  We understand the challenges of multi-party adoption, and our analyses and recommendations are colored by years of experience with companies introducing new products into a variety of markets.  Our in-depth understanding of merchant requirements, in particular, is of value to both our large and small clients.

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With years of experience working directly with merchants, in both the physical world and remote purchasing, Glenbrook's team gives merchants unbiased, practical assistance.

A Glenbrook Payments Assessment can provide you with a comprehensive view of your current practices, benchmarked to industry common and best practices, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Billers face challenges in receiving consumer payments, but also in the costly and repetitive task of bill delivery.  A number of trends in consumer behavior - most notably the use of mobile devices - are making it possible to effect meaningful changes - things that might have seemed impossible just a few years ago.


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Payments Networks

Glenbrook consults with card and non-card based payments networks, providing strategy advice on emerging technologies, competitive assessments, and market expansion plans.


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Glenbrook consults with large and small processors.  Our global view of the economics of the payments industry informs our advice on market expansion opportunities as well as the threats - or opportunities - from new technologies. Read More


Glenbrook consults with banks by providing short, focused, strategy projects.  Our team has experience in working with large and small banks, as well as with processors, service providers, and start-ups selling to or through banks.

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Treasury Managers

Glenbrook consults with enterprises who are trying to optimize or change their payments management processes.  Glenbrook works with clients to assess current   practices, recommend changes, and evaluate providers.

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Glenbrook works with venture capitalists, private equity funds, and analysts who are interested in payments companies.  Our years of experience in working with new companies in the industry, as well as incumbents with new products, have given us a deep appreciation for the barriers to entry (and exit) in payments businesses; the relationship between payment network rules, regulation, and system-wide economics; and the factors that govern the pace of change in the industry.


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